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Why Learn Website Development

Are you looking to learn or improve existing digital skills? The covid-19 lockdown was an eye opener to the efficacy of computer skills such as Website design and development, Android App Development, Data science and many others that seemed a big deal or needed a degree in Computer science to achieve but is now made possible by undergoing physical or virtual training at the website design school academy of the Abuja Data School – an institute specialized in the development of digital skills for professionals. The Website Design School in Abuja was birthed as many professionals are now seeking to establish their proficiencies to become qualified in order to offer website development service in Abuja, Lagos, Port-Harcourt or remotely. The need for a secondary source of income is a reason why others delved into acquiring digital skills and taking up remote jobs of which web design and website development is in huge demand for different organizations.


Website design and website development training in Abuja, Nigeria

Website design and development is one of the paths beginners are likely to take in their IT journey.  Although, Website design and Website development are used interchangeably, they are quite different. The interface that users interact with when on any web-based software is enabled by web design while the process that makes a good, ugly or bad interface is the development as it requires programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby, Python and more. Web development is responsible for the building of web applications. In website design class put out by Abuja Data School, more clarity is made to understand other concepts at our website design school instituted as a department to serve the growing number of website developers in Nigeria. We offer insights on choosing a learning path, whether you are at the beginners, intermediate or advanced stage of website development and what to expect.


Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system is a tool that helps to make adjustments without necessarily having the technical skills to manage a website. There are many examples of content management systems, they are WordPress, Wix, Joomla etc. These tools ensures to help a complete beginner create and management websites in minutes. Majority of websites that exists on the web today are built using content management systems. Our website design school at the Abuja Data School takes learners through the stages of developing a website till completion. A complete novice can begin to develop website within an hour, our trainers are skilled to support learners with up-to-date resources to support their learning processes.

Who is a Website developer?

A Website developer mostly known as a Web developer is a programmer who designs, codes and builds the structure of custom web applications from the client-side to the server-side of the application. The client side is the interface accessible for interaction by users built up using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. While the server-side is the backend of the application which controls the whole function of the application. Server-side use languages and frameworks such as python, node.js, PHP, java etc. through the integration of http to communicate with the client-side.


Content Management System (CMS)

Who is a Website Designer?

A Web designer is one that is responsible for the visual elements and appearance of a website to make it appealing to its users. The concept, layout and graphics is handled by a web designer who also maintains its optimisation on search engines.

The Website Design Institute of Abuja Data School offers the opportunity to gain more knowledge through its Website Design and Website Development course in Abuja which covers from Frontend development to backend development to hosting and other phases that makes website architecture complete.


Careers in website development

Wondering what you would do after learning website development? There are numerous opportunities to harness with web design and development skills and take up as an occupation:

  •   Frontend developer: uses HTML, CSS, version control, search engine optimization (SEO) to maintain the website.
  •   Backend developer: frameworks, data structures and algorithms, APIs are used at the backend for more functionality. This requires advanced programming skills.
  •   Full-stack developer: comprising frontend and backend development skills.
  •   Computer Programmer: programmers translate computer programs into features that will make the software work.
  •   Database Administrator: sorts and stores information on the database.
  •   Software Developer: develop software and applications for systems.
  •   Writer and editor.
  •   User Experience (UX) designer.
  •   User Interface (UI) designer and many more.


Do you need prior knowledge of computer science? No. Abuja Data School through its Website Design School guides beginners on learning paths to take that eliminates ambiguity. Also, there is room for improvement if you already have existing skills and wish to advance through its various levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced level.

Do you want to go self-taught or mentored? In Learning Computer or digital skills, mentorship goes a long way and makes it more impactful as mentors guide one’s level of knowledge. Abuja Data school is the best deal because it customs lectures to your level…tailored to your choice. With its structured system, the learning process is much easier and guarantees concentration in the learning period.




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