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Discover Data Analysis From Beginner to Advanced


Learning a programming language like python for data analysis in Abuja Nigeria would introduce you to understand


R is a programming language for data analysis, considering a career in data analysis and a proficiency


SAS is an advanced data analysis software that will help you conduct exploratory data analysis on a set


Microsoft Excel for data analysis is a course that takes you through the most successful tool created

Power BI

Microsoft Business intelligence or Power BI is a data visualization tool, which is used for modeling data,


Tableau is a business intelligence tool used most widely across the world for creating interactive


SQL or Structured Query Language as part of core data science skill helps to extract and analyze data


SPSS is a statistical software for conducting data analysis. This hands-on training combines a practical session


Stata is a statistical software used for conducting data analysis, manipulating data and displaying


Open refine is a software for cleaning messy data, transforming the data from one form to the other in


Qlik supports the creation of dashboards, ability to build interactive visualizations as well as the

IBM SPSS Modeler

SPSS Modeler introduces you to data science by helping you to import, explore and prepare data for different

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What Is Data Science?

Whenever it is said that “data is life”, what really comes to your mind? 

Just before you ponder a while on this, it is pertinent to note that science in itself is the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Data on the other hand, represents facts and statistics collected together for reference and analysis and so, if these are the definitions of these two separate words placed together, then, data science is the systematic study of the structure and behaviors of the natural and physical world using facts and statistics. 

Data Science, being the study of data, is one facet of life that every human being, business and even nature needs to leverage in understanding how our world works. You see why many people agree that data is life? 

With this realization, data analysts now see the need to explore data science via training in Abuja Nigeria in order to aid them properly conduct data analysis for projects and indeed all of life’s affairs. 

However, data science is a high-tech  field of study that combines programming and non-programming skills and a knowledge of statistics needed to extract meaningful insights. It is these insights that communicate the value of big data and that is why training in Abuja Nigeria not only breaks down data science for easy comprehension but it also helps to see the real value of big data at work via insights generated from data analysis. 

Training at the Abuja Data School Nigeria is one institute that provides skill sets necessary for data science experts to analyze data. These skill sets range from: Data analysis to data visualization to the manipulation and exploration of big data e. t. c.

Data is indeed life and only those who know how to use it via the study of data science will indeed change the future. 

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