Discover Data Analysis From Beginner to Advanced


Learning a programming language like python for data analysis in Abuja Nigeria would introduce you to understand


R is a programming language for data analysis, considering a career in data analysis and a proficiency


SAS is an advanced data analysis software that will help you conduct exploratory data analysis on a set


Microsoft Excel for data analysis is a course that takes you through the most successful tool created

Power BI

Microsoft Business intelligence or Power BI is a data visualization tool, which is used for modeling data,


Tableau is a business intelligence tool used most widely across the world for creating interactive


SQL or Structured Query Language as part of core data science skill helps to extract and analyze data


SPSS is a statistical software for conducting data analysis. This hands-on training combines a practical session


Stata is a statistical software used for conducting data analysis, manipulating data and displaying


Open refine is a software for cleaning messy data, transforming the data from one form to the other in


Qlik supports the creation of dashboards, ability to build interactive visualizations as well as the

IBM SPSS Modeler

SPSS Modeler introduces you to data science by helping you to import, explore and prepare data for different

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What Is Data Science?

Whenever it is said that “data is life”, what really comes to your mind? 

Just before you ponder a while on this, it is pertinent to note that science in itself is the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Data on the other hand, represents facts and statistics collected together for reference and analysis and so, if these are the definitions of these two separate words placed together, then, data science is the systematic study of the structure and behaviors of the natural and physical world using facts and statistics. 

Data Science, being the study of data, is one facet of life that every human being, business and even nature needs to leverage in understanding how our world works. You see why many people agree that data is life? 

With this realization, data analysts now see the need to explore data science via training in Abuja Nigeria in order to aid them properly conduct data analysis for projects and indeed all of life’s affairs. 

However, data science is a high-tech  field of study that combines programming and non-programming skills and a knowledge of statistics needed to extract meaningful insights. 


It is these insights that communicate the value of big data and that is why training in Abuja Nigeria not only breaks down data science for easy comprehension but it also helps to see the real value of big data at work via insights generated from data analysis. 

Training at the Abuja Data School Nigeria is one institute that provides skill sets necessary for data science experts to analyze data. These skill sets range from: Data analysis to data visualization to the manipulation and exploration of big data e. t. c.

Data is indeed life and only those who know how to use it via the study of data science will indeed change the future. 


Starting a career in data science can be very intimidating especially if you are a complete novice to the world of big data, data analysis and data visualization. It is important, however, to note that being a data scientist is a very profitable niche and a very high in demand occupation at that. 

You don’t want to miss the first steps to your journey in becoming a Data Scientist and that is why this guide has been created to help you find your footing in this career path. Here are some key tips you should look out for in guiding you through the data science world:


Data Science is a broad and competitive niche that needs a lot of experts and professionals in analyzing big data. This is why to have a competitive advantage in such a market you need to niche down. There are so many roles that a data scientist can play in helping brands and organizations manage and explore big data. Some of such roles include: 

  1.  Becoming a data analyst
  2.  Becoming a business intelligence    specialist. 
  3. Designing data analysis tools for brands. 
  4. Managing and exploring big data
  5. Becoming a data visualization expert
  6. Becoming a data engineer. e. t. c

It is easier to grow and expand in your data science career if you have a niche you are focusing on and mastering per time and if you are unsure of how to find a niche in data science, here is what you can do:

  1. Speak to a data science expert/mentor that is closest to you. If you are in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, you want to look out for data science experts via training in Abuja Nigeria to help guide you in picking a niche. 
  2. Network with data science communities closest to you. You can find these communities via training in Abuja Nigeria if you are in Nigeria. Networking will help you rub minds with colleagues in the data science industry and this will give you clarity of some sort. 

These steps will go a long way in helping you pick a niche as a data scientist and you can grow from there onward. 


      i.   Picking a niche to Jumpstart your data science career is one thing but mastering your chosen niche or role is another. To master  you data science niche, you need to engage in the following:

     ii.  Ensure that you attend general and basic data science training around you that will help you determine which course you should be taking extensively. Training in Abuja Nigeria is a sure bet if you are in Nigeria. 

     iii. Take a data science course tailored to your niche and complete it. It could be a course on big data, data visualization, data analysis, data analysis tools, data engineering e. t. c. Whatever course you decide to do according to your data science niche, make sure you start and complete it.


Data-Science, Data-Analytics-Data-Analysis

3. Choose a data science tool or language needed in your niche and stick to it. It is very important that you decide upon which programming language will help you achieve your aim as a data scientist. Will it be Python programming or GUI based tools? In all, find what tool you will be using while taking up a course and stick to it. Visiting the nearest training center or training in Abuja Nigeria to help you in making a choice.


A lot of data scientists who want to venture into the data science industry believe they don’t need proper communication skills for anything, provided they can code and program. Well, this is not true. As a matter of fact, proper communication skills will help you stand out in whatever data science niche you choose to become a master in. You would need proper communication skills to:

       i. Search for a job and sell your skill sets at your interviews.

      ii. Network effectively with peers in the data science industry so you can get inside information on what’s current in your niche. 

     iii. Secure a mentor or experts who will be willing to guide you in your data science journey. 

     iv. Share your ideas with a colleague at work or prove your expertise during meetings. 

Tech would not help you speak the language of the people. Your data science skills will not help you communicate your thoughts, your reason for the creation of applications, data analysis of big data or your data visualization. It is your communication skills that will help you do this effectively and this is why you need to attend specific training centers like training in Abuja Nigeria if you want an all round knowledge on becoming a data scientist.


Basic database management is a must for you as a data scientist, never forget this. As a beginner in data science, you start your machine learning language in the form of CSV and/or excel file. Having a knowledge of data storage techniques for big data is a basic requirement and some other specific basic requirements for becoming a data scientist include:

  1. Understanding database management. 
  2. Manipulating and exploring data on excel sheets. 
  3. Understanding the basics of model deployment. 

Referring to the basics of data science will help your foundation be deeply rooted in your chosen data science niche and you know what they say about having a solid foundation? 

In summary, with this guide, you are well on your way to starting a career in data science if only you will apply all tips here. 



A data scientist is a person who is equipped with the technical knowhow of data analysis as well as has the ability to create and use data analysis tools in order to gain insights that translate into value. 

The job functionality of a data scientist depends on the problems an  organization hopes to solve using data science and in many cases a data scientist translates data into actionable insights to empower confident decisions made by these organizations or persons. 


A data scientist should be able to perform the following basic roles if he/she is to help organizations translate big data into actionable decisions. 


For big data to be used appropriately, it must be analyzed first. The job role of a data scientist is to ensure that the data acquired suits its needs at hand. This process of analyzing data would include preparing for data analysis, curating strategies that will help the data analyst as well as finally exploring this data acquired via data analysis tools. Of course, appropriate and specific training will need to be attained in delivering these data science related tasks and that is where training in Abuja Nigeria should be explored or leveraged. 


A data scientist is charged with the duty of leveraging data science to build models that can accurately visualize big data acquired. These models could be built using programming languages such as Python e.t.c. Also, models built can be designed and analyzed via data analysis tools and these models can be deployed into applications that will help explore big data. Training in Abuja Nigeria specifies in leveraging data analysis tools that data science experts need.



Big data is a massive collection of complex sets of data that cannot be processed or analyzed. Big data analytics shows you how to find trends and patterns and form insights that can influence your marketing strategies. These insights could cover a wide variety of information about customer behavior, including numerical data sets, email addresses, contact numbers, web pages, e. t. c.

Big data is changing the way organizations carry out business and manage marketing, and this is where a data scientist comes in to leverage and transform big data. However, for big data to be explored, data science experts need to explore training in Abuja Nigeria in acquiring data analysis tools that can help explore and use data acquired. 




A data scientist typically has the following soft skills that he/she leverages in helping organizations make growth decisions. Some of such soft skills include: business intuition, analytical thinking, critical thinking, inquisitiveness and interpersonal skills, e. t. c. These skills will help data scientists play a key role in helping organizations make sound decisions. Another skill that a data science expert needs in helping organizations see these growth decisions in order to take them is data visualization skills. Data visualization skills help data science experts interpret statistics acquired from big data to non data science experts. Non data science experts don’t understand programming and data terminologies as such information must be interpreted to explain such terminologies. At training in Abuja Nigeria, we agree that communication skills is necessary for data science experts and as such we strive for balance in communication between data visualization skills, data analysis skills and the job functions of a data analyst. 


  1. Data analysts: Manipulate large data sets and use them to identify trends. 
  2. Data engineers: Clean, aggregate, and organize data. 
  3. Business intelligence specialists: Identify trends in data sets. 
  4. Data architects: Design, create, and manage an organization’s data architecture.
  5. Data Visualization Expert: Interprets and displays data for all to see and understand. 

In summary, a data scientist plays many roles as he/she is expected to wear many hats and a data science expert can carry out many roles in relation to data but it all depends on the needs of the organization at hand. 


If this question is one you have been seeking answers to before now then read along the lines of training in Abuja Nigeria. 

 Till date, data science is one industry that has a high demand for professionals needed in the exploration of big data yet, there is a low turnout of data scientists to fit in this demanding role even in Abuja Nigeria. 

Starting a career in data science without prior experience is very achievable but there are certain steps you should follow on standing out:


One way to ascertain if you are passionate about being a data scientist is to have an insatiable hunger for mathematics. Yes. Some mathematical skills you might need to master moving forward are:

  1.  Multivariable calculus
  2. Linear algebra
  3. Hypothesis testing
  4. Descriptive statistics
  5. Regression analysis
  6. Markov chains
  7. Statistics and probability

Your passion for mathematics will be the drive you need to master these mathematical skill sets that will help you start a career in data science as well as attend training in Abuja Nigeria that will groom your skill set. 


These languages will help you carry out your task even without experience. Some basic programming languages for data scientist’s include:

  1.  Python
  2. R
  3. SQL

Learning these languages will go a long way in positioning you as an authority in data science even without experience. A very easy way to get trained in these programming languages is to attend training in Abuja Nigeria, if it’s close to you. 



Companies always look for persons that have practical skills in handling big data, data visualization, data analysis and exploring data analysis tools. Since you have learnt the basic programming skills needed, you can always apply for these internships and grow from there. Interning as a data scientist is always a great way to:

  1.  Learn on the  go as a data scientist. 
  2. Identify new job roles you can offer as regards managing big data. 
  3. Spot hot data science niches you can transition into. 
  4. Gather experience, upgrade your resume and have a great track record for your future workplaces as a data analyst or data scientist.

These experiences gathered can also help you groom other newbie data scientists or data analysts via centers for training in Abuja Nigeria. 


Data Science is a broad industry and so after following the steps above, it is important to pick an easy role in your future organization. This way you can under promise and over deliver. 

One niche in data science that you want to start up with in your data science career path is becoming a data analyst. A data scientist and a data analyst are two different job roles. A data analyst manages data collection and identifies data trends, while a data scientist interprets data along with using coding and mathematical modeling to convert data into value. 

Becoming a data analyst is one of the best ways to launch yourself in the data science field whilst skilling up. You can also grow and continue to gain momentum in your career as a data scientist, data visualization expert, data analyst, big data manager  e. t. c. 

 Do not forget to invest in proper training that will help you stand out in your career path. Seek training centers closest to you and leverage training in Abuja Nigeria if you are in Nigeria. 


There are tons of things that a data scientist can do but first let’s see different ways that data science experts have tried to describe the functions of a data scientist. 

Research shows that most data science experts agree that a data scientist needs to be an expert in math, statistics, programming, communication, and problem-solving. But more importantly, they need to love data. 

Other experts report that a data scientist develops predictive and prescriptive algorithms built on clean big data sets. A novice or beginner to data science may not decipher what the above description of being a data scientist means, but then this definition will be easier- a data scientist gathers and organizes big data to solve processes and analyze strategy problems in business and in other enterprises via leveraging his/her data analysis skills and data visualization skills. 

In simple terms, a data scientist explores data with powerful tools (which they sometimes design themselves) to discover meaning. All definitions here show just what a data scientist does but then, how do they do what they do and where can they work? 

These questions above require pressing  answers as a lot of wannabe data scientists are of the opinion that studying data science can only enable them work as a programmer. 

There is a huge truth to this but being in the data science industry doesn’t automatically mean you must be a programmer. You will be a programmer if you learn how to use programming tools in exploring big data or carrying out data analysis but if you will handle other facets of data science like data visualization and business intelligence, you may not necessarily need to be a programmer. 

In this part of this article, training in Abuja, Nigeria will suggest industries where a data scientist can work but most importantly what a data scientist is expected to do in such industries. 

Below is how to relate what a data scientist does in line with where they can likely work:


In the public health sector, a data scientist can help find the cure to an existing disease using his or her data science skills. Data science can also be used to create trackers that help patients stay healthy. These are some of the very few practical sceneries where data science can be used in the public health sector. With the skillset of a data analyst or data scientist, data visualization and data analysis can help in the health sector to manage big data on possible threats or virus to humanity. Using data science to help solve problems and give strategies in this industry requires specific expertise and that is where training in Abuja Nigeria can come in to help a data scientist stand out. 


Tech companies like IBM, and Microsoft depend heavily on a data scientist to develop new machines for processing software that can help in creating new trends world wide. Data analysis tools created by data scientists in these firms will help tech companies in analyzing the future of work and many more. Here, a ton of programming tools will be required in coding and exploration of big data. This industry would require that a data scientist has a programming language they can write on and if or can’t write these languages then training in Abuja Nigeria will help greatly in training on programming skills needed in this industry. 


Financial companies like Fidelity Investments, Bank of America and many top insurance firms always hire a data scientist to keep tabs with the rise and fall of currencies, stock market and everything that has to do with growing money. This cuts across all areas of banking and finance. Data science can also be leveraged to manage and explore big data of clients generated from these institutions as well as create data analysis tools that place numbers in structures. Like the first two industries, any data scientist working here should be able to manipulate data as well as use certain accounting applications  well in exploring big data available. Such a data scientist would need expert training in Abuja Nigeria.  


E-commerce is another booming industry that leverages the services of a data scientist in determining the buying journey/decision of customers. Platforms like Amazon have learnt how to use big data and data analysis in capturing and integrating the information on the web behaviour of their customers, the events that occurred in their lives, what led to the purchase of a product or service, how customers interact with different channels, e. t. c. Data Science in e-commerce helps businesses scale up and data science skills like Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence can be leveraged in attaining this. Now, not many data scientists possess such skills and as such it is the duty of a data scientist or data analyst to get trained by the best in the game. Data science parastatals like Training in Abuja Nigeria can help you start this journey. 


With the likes of Netflix, YouTube and many social media firms leveraging data analytics to build algorithms, it’s safe to say that the media and entertainment industry know the importance of data science and they are leveraging it to the fullest.  Data scientists now use machine learning languages, artificial intelligence, big data, data visualization and data analysis to help scale up the media and entertainment industry. Bearing in mind that this industry is quite different from day to day work life, data scientists should leverage Training in Abuja Nigeria to master this industry as well as provide the right solution that they need to every problem faced. 

In conclusion, a data scientists can be found doing what they know how to do best across every sector because the job roles of a data scientist in exploring big data and translating big data via data analysis tools and data visualization is necessary in helping non data science professionals in these industries understand the importance of every big data acquired or explored.



Data analysis in Nigeria is a hot niche in the market especially because big firms and brands now see the need to invest in exploring data as a means to identifying and solving problematic issues. These brands have also realized that there are less qualified data analysts in Nigeria and as such the demand and pay for this role in their organizations is usually high and juicy respectively. 

With this niche becoming well sought after with a high pay, many people have decided to start up a career in data analysis via searching for training in Abuja Nigeria. However, it is important that you should note some major skills that a training center should be able to teach you  in data analysis before you enroll for training in Abuja Nigeria, the capital of the country. 



The use of Microsoft Excel to manipulate big data in data analysis is a very important skill you would need to master in your quest to start a career. Make sure that any training in Abuja Nigeria center you decide to enroll can help you master this application to the highest of its uses. 


Critical thinking is a must-have skill if you will impress any organization in the data analysis space. Ensure that the center for learning  data analysis chosen for your training in Abuja Nigeria offers this skill set. 



Any training in Abuja Nigeria that doesn’t offer this skill set in their training curriculum is to be scrutinized. This is because programming is the bedrock of data analysis and indeed, data science. You need to watch out for this one in picking a training in Abuja Nigeria for data analysis. 


The ability to interpret data analysis to the understanding of a lame man is done via data visualization. This means that this skill set is of utmost importance to your quest in becoming a data analyst especially in a well reputable organization here in Nigeria. Centers for training in Abuja Nigeria should offer this in their curriculum as it is of great importance. 


Not many training in Abuja Nigeria centers see the need to train on data presentation and communication skills because it is not a core data analysis skill set. However, you must understand that this skill is one that any data analysis employer would require you to become an expert in.

Asides all skill sets above, you should also note that practicing data analysis in Nigeria might require you to have a background in mathematics, statistics, engineering, computer science and other math related subjects. However, these data analysis related courses in tertiary institutions may not offer specific skill sets that will help you  build a career in data analysis. 

If you enroll in data analysis courses or training in Abuja Nigeria, then your chances of building a profitable career even without your tertiary education will be very high because most employers care for practical knowledge much more than theoretical knowledge. According to PayScale,  a Data Analyst earns an average of ₦141,000 per month from an average of 23 employees surveyed as a beginner. This means that as you acquire more skills in the data science industry, your earnings can increase from  #200, 000 to #300, 000 per month. 

Every business, industry or organization needs the services of a data analyst therefore, your job role in data analysis is a lucrative one provided you are well equipped with adequate knowledge from training in Abuja Nigeria. 


Why you should train with us.

 An added incentive to going through the data analysis and data analysis or analytics training with the Abuja Data school, is that you get a chance to be a data analysis intern for 3 months here in Abuja and out of Abuja with our top partner organizations.

What’s The Aim?

The Abuja Data School aims to provide both skill and experience to keep up with the task. The theoretical knowledge gained from the Abuja Data School training classes is not enough to succeed. Abuja Data School internship experience helps to solidify your data analysis and data analytics knowledge and is a great way to ensure that you’ll be expert at what you do.. Working with other data professionals who are willing to point out errors, correct you and allow you to improve makes a world of difference in your work, knowledge and skills.


What are the benefits?

One of the benefits of taking advantage of the Abuja Data School training and internship is that You get an opportunity to work on real life data projects, and this is a great way to kick start on a data science, data analysis and Data analytics career. It will also be a great opportunity to explore various niches, which will help you determine what area you want to commit to in the long run.


The Abuja Data School Training and Internship also offers an opportunity to work directly with experts, and that is a great way to practice and even learn some new skills in line with your career goal. A data analysis and  Data analytics internship and training will help you strengthen your knowledge and skills both in areas in which you are quite familiar, and even more advanced  areas such as data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other areas that deal with Big data. All it requires is for the intern to work closely and attentively with the experts.


Also The Abuja Data School Internship And Training can be a great way to switch from being a learner to being a worker. It allows for you to be visible to recruiters which could land you a permanent job or even get retained by the organization or get referred. Employers are much more comfortable hiring workers that have a combination of education and experience in the fields, and with a data analysis and Data analytics internship, you’ll be an experienced job seeker . Additionally, working as a data science intern gives you the opportunity to meet other experts and create a network that can be beneficial to your data analysis/Data analytics career in the future.

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