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Getting your website or webpage to rank on the first page of Google doesn’t need to be impossible or too daunting a task. The SEO training in Abuja, Nigeria at Abuja data school is the best choice to make your company more visible in the online world, drive more high-intent traffic for your business, generate leads and ultimately revenue and profit for your business.

At SEO training in Abuja Data school, You’ll learn in-depth;

  1. How to increase your sites unpaid search visibility
  2. How to optimize your site for search engines
  3. Best SEO strategies so you can stay above your competitors


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a website or webpage to rank higher on a search engine’s organic or unpaid search results.

SEO techniques are  important tools used in marketing a company and are only a part of the broader topic of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which entails the marketing strategies for both paid and unpaid search. It involves all the strategies a company takes to increase its visibility, drive traffic and sales and to establish itself as an authority in its industry.

So why is SEO important?

The importance of optimizing for Search Engines cannot be underestimated. Your company can leverage SEO for:

1. Visibility and Rankings: No company wants to run a business that people cannot see. When a search engine ranks you higher, you become visible to potential customers. This visibility is sometimes all a business needs to convert leads  into sales

2. Web Traffic: The greater your visibility on a search engine, the greater chance of traffic your site gets and the higher potential of making sales and generating revenue for your company.

3. When your site ranks higher on search engines like Google, users will see you establish your company as an authority amongst others and users see this as an indication of your company’s relevance in the industry.

4. Growth

How Search Engines work

Search Engines are “answer machines” that  aim to provide relevant results that are related to a user’s search query. It works by a set of algorithms (computer programs) that gathers and prioritizes website content.

 It is important to note that algorithms used to rank sites differ from search engine to search engine. A few factors used by search engines algorithms to rank pages on the Search engine Result page SERP include:

The content

Geographic location of searcher


User friendliness

Speed of site

When a user types a query into a search engine, the results are displayed as the search engine performs these functions:

  1. Crawling: computer bots called crawlers or spiders scan through the thousands of billions of information on the web, following.links on each webpage to other pages
  2. Indexing: as crawlers move from link to link, URLS  discovered to be related to the search query are indexed to be displayed as results. If your page is not indexed, then it is impossible for it to appear in search results. Robots.txt file, no index tag(directives on sites), a low-content and duplicate page and URL retuning an error page are some reasons a page may not be indexed.
  3. Ranking: The search engines again scans through indexed pages to give the best results to users. It ranks programmatically using it’s algorithm.


How to create an effective SEO strategy/ Steps to approach your SEO Strategy

What does it take to rank high on search engines?  Taking your time to outline the proper SEO strategy can actually revolutionize your business. Split your SEO strategy into On-page and Off-page

On page SEO involves all the elements on your website that you can control to make it rank higher. Incorporate into these on page elements the following strategies for Effective SEO:

  1. Keywords: Conduct Keyword Research to determine the terms /keywords people are searching for and  that you want your site to  optimize for search engine
  2. Website content: Content is King; write for your primary industry and audience to keep them informed and engaged. Use thought-provoking headlines, formatting tools like bold to stress important keypharses and research keywords to incorporate into content to optimize your site in search engines.
  3. URLs: Keep URLs simple and organized; remove extra unnecessary words and use  one or two keywords. Do not overstuff URLs with keywords.
  4. Title tags and Meta tags: Incorporate your brand name in the title. Keep titles under 70 characters and don’t use all CAPs
  5. Image Alt-text/ Pictures
  6. Headlines
  7. Internal linking
  8. Mobile Friendliness and Site speed:  Technical SEO elements that can also influence your On page site.  Place emphasis on your sites loading speed and overall user experience. This will benefit search engines, your users and site conversion rates.

Off-page SEO:  Off-page SEO is more difficult to execute than On page SEO. Off page SeO involves all the actions done outside of your website so as to impact your  rankings within SERPS. Optimizing for off page SEO is crucial in improving the relevance, trustworthiness and authority of your website. The key element in off page SEO is backlinking (“Link building). Other elements of Off page SEO are  Social media, Email, Forums, Guest Content.

  1. Backlinking: is at the heart of SEO and entails making the effort to get websites with high Domain Authority (DA) to link back to your site. Here, you care about “Who is linking to you?’ websites with High DA have good link juice so having these sites linking to your content or site can make search engines to view your site as trustworthy and relevant;  Leverage on this by creating quality content that they can link to but don’t.
  2. Social media: Social media can extend the reach of your site and also increase brand awareness. Make your content  easy to share by utilizing Social media buttons.
  3. Email: Email marketing is also an effective strategy to drive traffic to your site. Write easy to share content with clear call-to- actions.
  4. Guest content: Provide guest content for websites that have similar audience as yours.
  5. Forums
  6. Local Directories


Business plan

A Business Plan is a document in which a business opportunity is identified, described and analyzed, examining its technical, economic and financial feasibility aspects. The Plan develops all of the procedures and strategies necessary in order to convert the business opportunity into an actual business project. The business plan training in Abuja, Nigeria is going to be teaching you how to create a business plan for you to lay your business foundation on, it is going to contain the financial projections of the business, the goals of the business and the strategies intended to execute or implement the targets. It is an indispensable tool in order to start up a business project. Also, the business plan training in Abuja, Nigeria will let you know how your business plan will serve as a business card for introducing the business to others: banks, investors, institutions, or any public body, when it comes to seeking cooperation or financial support of any kind.

Sections of a business plan

It is necessary for a business plan to follow a specific template or concept. There are essential sections which need to be included in the business plan. The business plan training in Abuja will be putting you through all the important sections necessary to be included in your business plan. All you need to understand is what is expected in each section of the business plan and then pull together all necessary data and information to complete it. Discussed below are the essential sections you are expected to have in your business plan.

Executive Summary: The function of the executive summary is to give context to the rest of your business plan with a detailed overview. Entrepreneurs frequently complete the executive summary last, because it sums up what’s in the rest of the business plan. Business owners often talk about the mission and aim of their business idea.  A kind of proposition is also included in the executive summary as well, which explains how the new business idea differs from other companies on the market, which could be competing for the same audience.

Business Description: The business description section lets you go into full detail on your business concept and also making detailed description of the business. The business description can be a powerful motivator for you as you hustle to open your business, you can go over it anytime so as to always put in mind what your set goals are. Questions to guide your thinking in writing this section include:

  • Where are you located?
  • What products will you sell?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • What is your projected growth?
  • What opportunities does your business have?

Market Analysis: To succeed in your business, you need to know who your competitors are and where you fit in the market, the business plan training in Abuja will also help you know how to achieve this. In a market analysis, you will need to outline where your business fits in the market. As you describe your target in the market, you may need to include profiles or personalities of your ideal customers. Who are they?, and what else do they like to do or buy?

Organization and Market structure: In running your business, you may not have to run the business alone. This section of the business plan has to do with the showcasing of your team members you are going to be working with in order to achieve the set goals, talking about the different players on your team, highlighting the qualifications, experience, and roles everyone plays in the team.

Sales Strategies: After you situate your products on the market, you should talk about the promotional strategies you are using while launching the business and any great ideas you want to try later. Do not forget to talk about your business website, including your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, or any customer loyalty strategies. The business plan training in Abuja will be taking you through how to deduct best sales strategies for your business.

Funding: Here, the money you need to open your business comes into play. In this section, you talk about how much money you need to open your business.

Financial projections: This section has to do with drawing of market trends and projected revenue growth to talk about how profitable your business will be. It will also talk about the cash flow you will develop and how your cash flow will help you grow.

Why you need a business plan

The following are reasons why it is mandatory for you to draw a business plan for your business:

  1. A business plan not only helps entrepreneurs focus on the specific steps necessary for them to make business ideas succeed, but it also helps them to achieve short-term and long-term objectives.
  2. It helps you to determine your financial needs.
  3.  It helps you to attract investors, employees and a management team.
  4. It reduces the risk of pursuing the wrong opportunity. The process of creating the business plan helps to minimize opportunity costs.
  5. It also helps you to position your brand. Creating the business plan helps to define your company’s role in the marketplace.

Why our business plan writing services is the best

Talking of the best business plan you need for your business to grow and be successful, we have all it takes to put you in line. The business plan training in Abuja will be impacting in you the measures, techniques, steps and concepts you need to take in booming your new or old business. The business plan training in Abuja will be handled by professionals who are unique and distinguished and have been committed into this field and are ready help you achieve your business dreams and take your business to a place of higher pinnacle.

How you can access our professional business plan writing services

Apart from offering you the business plan training in Abuja, we also offer profession business writing service. We help you build your business plan while you sit down and relax. Our business plan writing service is the best because it is handled by professionals who will create for you a structure that will forever project, distinguish and move your business forward.

Who is the business plan training for

In this modern world, there is no excuse for anyone not to invest. In one way or the other, you have to partake in the finance world. You need a business plan for your business, either small or large scale and regardless of the field you find yourself. Business owners, students, bankers, engineers, farmers, civil servants and all entrepreneurs generally, everyone needs a business plan in order to achieve set goals or aims and be able to stand out in the real world. The business plan training in Abuja is set to help you achieve all your targets easily. 


Raise your scale from an amateur editor to a professional editor through the video editing training in Abuja, Nigeria which will teach you the fundamentals, techniques and necessity of video editing. Every step in film making and video production is crucial as any mistake can easily throw viewers off balance. It is important that audio and video synchronize to pass a message with the right sense of humor.


Video production requires organization at every stage for efficiency avoiding time and resources waste. The stages of video production begin with the pre-production stage where the entire planning takes place then to the production where the shots are taken then lastly to the post-production stage of editing, adding effects, premiering and distribution. The post-production process is very much of essence because it is what gives finishing touches to what has been acted upon. It adds effects, preview content and gives to initial viewers to comment on for corrections to be made where need be. Editing the video, adding graphics, transformations and sounds make up the post-production process after capturing the stage.

Professional HD video camera. Shallow DOF, selective focus.

Editing process is what helps us understand the connections between every scene in the storyline of a video content. A great video production is complete when each play is edited without or with lesser flaws. Come learn to edit videos at Abuja Data School.

Video editing does not just exist as a concept. It has processes which makes it a means to an end. Video editing involves sorting and rearranging video shots to give a more presentable content. In the process of production, many scenes may not make sense which is why the editing process is there to connect the storyline.

Video editing is done by businesses to make their products more visible. Filmmakers edit videos to tell the story better. Media houses edit videos for sports, news, weather forecast, business broadcast etc to pass a message. Individuals edit videos for birthday shoots, wedding coverage, appreciation clips, comedy skits and social media challenges. All seek to tell a story and in a quality way.



Expensive cameras are great but do you know you can take shots with your smartphone and give powerful edits to it that could amaze your viewers? Thanks to software like Wondershare, Filmora POD Studio, Kinemaster, Viva Video and Filmr that can help edit on Androids. On iPhone, apps such as LumaFusion, iMovie, Cameo, Vegas Pro and Splice give the feel of a Pro when it comes to video editing. The video editing training in Abuja by Abuja Data School will teach you how to optimize any kind of video recording device you desire to use.

According to social media statistics, 64% of editors use PC because it is upgradable, gives more performance for lower budget and capacity for multiple tasks while 36% use Mac because it has very good design and quality graphics. PC requires some plug-ins while Mac is very quick using iMovie.

Examples of Software used in Video editing:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro.
  •  Avid Media Composer.
  •  Final Cut Pro X.
  • Hitfilm 4 Pro.
  • Lightworks.
  • Nero Video.
  • Red Giant.

Why is Video editing important?

  • To tell the story better.
  • To give effects to emotions, tensions and humor expected to reach viewers.
  • To save time by taking out irrelevant scenes.
  • To lay emphasis on the video concept.
  •  For visibility purposes.



  •  Video /image quality and resolutions setting.
  •  Color grading, correction and temperature.
  •  How to create Foley.
  •  Video and audio synchronization.
  •  Image cropping and re-scaling.
  •  Editing footage through compositing.
  •  Closing up at the right image.
  •  Media compression.
  •  Frame rate in capturing video e.g. 24, 29.97, 30 frames per second(fps).



Be sure to enroll any of these packages in the video editing training in Abuja:


Switching to Non-Linear Editing (NLE), Adobe Premiere Pro is popularly used by movie industries as it makes video editing easier. Adobe Premiere Pro is superb in creating videos, titles, graphics and captions giving it a professional touch. Using Non-Linear Editing, video correction is easily done in a way it can be neatly joined as whole unlike linear editing where most times editing at the spot is not easy, this is usually encountered in live streams where if a formatting is not done at instant, editing at the later will be unnecessary.

Abuja Data School video editing training will teach you how to handle the multicam angle feature which Adobe Premiere Pro has. This training plan will show you how to import raw file format from devices, import footage of up to 8K resolutions. It is seamless and supports PCs.



If you are looking to combine features from different sources, Hitfilm 4 Pro would be a good package to look out for. It is more of a mix from Adobe Premiere Pro features and Adobe After Effects.

Learning to use Hitfilm 4 Pro at Abuja Data School will teach you to apply animation straight from the editor, grade many colors in one, and implement 3D effects. It is much easier to learn for beginners.



For Mac lovers, Final Cut Pro X would most likely be a choice and also significant to some projects it is a good option. The upcoming video editing software tool is exclusive for Mac users because it organizes work carried out on it; good to say it manages media appropriately. Final Cut Pro X bolsters animations, titles, graphics and audio filmed in 2D and 3D bringing out the effects. It is convenient with features of keywords, favorites, ranges etc.



  •   Expert trainers on deck.
  •  Physical hands-on training.
  •  Exposure to film making opportunities.
  •  Precise and resourceful learning materials.
  •  Step-by-step training curriculum.
  •  On-site and off-site learning structure.



  •   Video/Film Editor.
  • Sound Engineer.
  • Video Producer.
  • Multimedia Designer and Producer.


A curriculum vitae, often denoted or given the abbreviation CV, is a document that job applicants usually use in showing their academic and professional achievements. It is used to apply for positions within areas where a person’s specific knowledge or expertise is required. The document summarizes all about the person’s personal data, personal career, professional and academic accomplishments. Now, if you are searching for help with writing and developing a stand out CV that will get you that interview, you have come to the right place! Creating or updating an existing CV is something that everyone eventually needs to do. Learning how to create a CV that gets noticed is an important skill that can be used for the rest of your working life as you apply for various roles, gain experience and develop your skills. Abuja Data School is ensuring everyone hits his or her choice of career easily with a well furnished and developed curriculum vitae. The CV writing training in Abuja is set to put all and sundry in line of success and excellence.

Why you need to undergo the CV writing training in Abuja, Nigeria.

The reason why Abuja Data School is offering the CV writing training in Abuja is to provide participants the training with structure and techniques they can follow that will give them the best advantage possible and ensure they create a great first impression.

This training will help participants create an effective, professional CV that will catch the interest of potential employers and assist them in getting that crucial interview.

Abuja Data School will be providing trainees with ideas on content and useful words to include in their CV as well as clear guidance on the presentation of an effective CV.

Also, the CV writing training in Abuja will give participants the opportunity to create a well structured and effectively worded CV that will assist them on the first step to getting a job interview.

At the end of the CV writing training in Abuja, trainees will be able to choose correctly what to include in their CV to demonstrate their abilities and achieve the best results,

The trainees will also be able to develop their CV in line with their skills, knowledge and experience and also avoid the common pitfalls when writing a CV.

The CV writing training in Abuja Data School will also help you to understand why it is necessary to make the most of your interests, understand the importance of including references to your CV, and importantly know why it is essential for you to update your CV over time.

The CV writing training in Abuja will also explore CV writing as a topic and ensure the the content is developed in such a way that they promote the person and their achievements and encourage any employer to read their CV.

Why you need to possess a CV

A good CV will enable a potential employer to know the expertise an individual will bring to a role. It will help tender your skills, knowledge and experience and let the employer know that you are the right person for the job.

It helps you showcase your full profile, career and achievements to the public, in this way, they are aware of your qualifications and will be able to recommend you for any position available for employment.

Who is the training for?

This CV writing training in Abuja Data School should be completed by everyone from all sectors looking to improve their career and maximize their potential opportunities. This CV writing training in Abuja covers the main points relating to writing a professional CV and enhancing your job and career prospects.

How you can access our professional CV writing services

Apart from offering you the CV writing training in Abuja, we also offer professional CV writing service. We help you develop your curriculum vitae while you sit down and relax. Our CV writing  service is the best because it is handled by professionals who will develop the best profile of career for you to secure your choice of career. We will create for you, a CV unique to you, a CV that can be easily adapted as needed, stands out to employers and gets you to interview.

Few important tips to be taken into consideration while developing your CV

Choosing a CV format: Identifying the best format for a CV based on relevant experience and ensuring you highlight the best areas of your skills and abilities.

What to put in your CV:  Understanding what content should be provided for each section of a CV no matter the kind of format used.

Presentation of your CV: Identifying common CV mistakes and how to avoid them to ensure the CV is presented in the best way possible.

The words you use: Understanding what to write and how to write it in order to highlight your strengths and appeal to the audience.

Common errors to avoid: Looking at facts and data related to what puts potential employers off CVs and avoiding the mistakes.

Few tips to be taken into consideration when attending an interview

Good non-verbal communication flow: It is about demonstrating confidence, standing straight, making eye contact and connecting with a firm handshake. A very good nonverbal first impression can last well for you.

Dressing appropriately: It is important to know what to wear to an interview and to be well groomed. Dress the way you want to be addressed.

Attentive listening: One of the most crucial interview tips is to pay adequate attention from the very beginning of the interview, your interviewer is giving you information, either directly or indirectly. If you are not hearing it, you are missing a major opportunity. Good communication skills include listening and letting the person know you heard what was said.

Reducing talks: Telling the interviewer more than he needs to know could be a fatal mistake. When you have not prepared ahead of time, you may ramble when answering interview questions, sometimes talking yourself right out of the job.

Using appropriate language: It is advisable that you should use professional language during the interview. Be aware of any inappropriate slang words or references to age, race, religion, politics, or sexual orientation which can terminate your interview.

Attitude: Attitude plays a key role in your interview success. There is a good relationship between confidence, professionalism, and modesty. Even if you’re putting on a performance to demonstrate your ability, overconfidence is as bad, if not worse, as being too reserved. All the interview tips in the world won’t save you if you come off as unpleasant to work with.

Asking questions: When asked if they have any questions, most candidates answer, “No.” Wrong answer. Part of knowing how to interview is being ready to ask questions that demonstrate an interest in what goes on in the company.


What is Data Analysis?

Data Analysis is the process of applying statistical tools and logics to access and examine data and make deductions from it. Data analysis is the science of examining a set of data to extract information from it and make conclusions about the information and in turn expand the knowledge on various subjects concerning it. Data analysis as well involves transformation of data into usable forms, from which several information can be collected and used for respective functions. The data analysis training in Abuja Data School will be taking you through all that has to do with data analysis, all that will help you excel in the field. 

Importance of Data Analysis

Technology is fast changing how businesses operate nowadays, and data analysis is going to have a significant impact on how you use technology to run your business. More companies and businesses tend to be more successful when data analysis gives them a heads up on all the information they need to know to improve their visibility (data visualization), business intelligence, it can help those businesses to increase their traffic.

With data analysis, you will be able to make decisions on customer trends and behavior prediction, increasing business profitability, and drive effective decision-making. Once you adopt a data analysis method in your business, you can analyze the causes of particular events based on the data, analyze data visualization, understand the objectives and directives for your business, and you will have technical insights of the business.

Using data analysis, you can determine what forms of advertisements reach your customers effectively and make an impact that will make them buy your products.

There is no activity that data analysis does better than checking the performance of your products or business in the market. Once you understand what products are suitable for what clients, you can determine the areas that you are going to focus on and for which customers.

Data analysis also gives you a rough idea of the future trends in consumer behaviour that will enable you to make futuristic inventions on your products. This way, you can produce products and create services that can put you on top of your industry. With these innovations, you can maintain a sharp edge advantage over your competitors.

Career Prospects of a Data Analyst

The data analysis training in Abuja Data School will help you go through some of the career prospects of a data analyst. Some of the key job options that one can explore in the field are:

Data Scientist: Data Scientists collect and analyze data that can be communicated as actionable insights.

Data Engineer: A Data Engineer often focuses on massive data sets and is tasked with optimizing the organization’s infrastructure around several Data Analytics processes.

Machine Learning Engineer: Machine Learning Engineering is an advanced Data Analytics career path that combines the expertise of Data Science and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

Data Journalist: Data Journalists who are primarily the ones finding data, distinguishing the useful data from the bad, and analyzing it for simplicity.

Database Admin: Database Admins monitor and optimize performance and implement, configure, and troubleshoot database instances to ensure optimal health of the environment.

Financial Analyst: Financial Analysts are Data Analysts who bring Finance domain expertise and use the various insights to interpret it

Business Analyst: A Business Analyst has to have expertise in the chosen domain and is tasked with testing, updating, installing, and maintaining the business process systems for the organization, which includes data processing and other tools.

Product Analyst: a Product Analyst is responsible for managing product-related processes like planning, analyzing existing or new products, and ensuring proper working of the products used within the organization.

Data System Developer: They help to design, build, and maintain an organization’s data and analytics infrastructure and also facilitate the process for Data Scientists, Analysts, and other Developers.

Data Analysis Tools

Python for Data Analysis

Python in data analysis is used for importation of data from multiple sources, how to perform some fundamental data manipulation tasks, that together, form the pre-processing phase of data analysis. These tasks include handling missing values in data, formatting data to standardize it and make it consistent, normalizing data, and grouping data values. The Abuja Data School will also teach about performing computations on the data to calculate basic descriptive statistical information, such as mean, median, mode, and quartile values. The data analysis training in Abuja Data School will also help you learn how to evaluate a model using data visualization and learn about polynomial regression and pipelines. You will also learn how to interpret and use the R-squared and the mean square error measures to perform in-sample evaluations to numerically evaluate our model. And lastly, you will learn about prediction and decision making when determining if our model is correct.

R Programming for Data Analysis

R is a programming language that can help you in your data analysis process. In this part of the course, you will learn about R and RStudio, which is the environment you will use to work in R. The data analysis training in Abuja Data School will help you know how you can complete your analysis efficiently and effectively. In the data analysis training in abuja data school, you will explore the fundamental concepts associated with R. You will learn about functions and variables for calculations and other programming. You will examine how R can help you structure, organize, and clean your data using functions and other processes. The data analysis training in Abuja Data School will also teach you about data frames and how to work with them in R. You will learn how to use R to generate and troubleshoot data visualizations. You will also explore the features of R and RStudio that will help you with the aesthetics of your visualizations and for working with them.

SPSS for Data Analysis

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a collection of software packages that combine in a single package. This program’s primary function is to examine scientific data connected to social science. This information can be used for market research, surveys, data mining, and other purposes. Researchers may quickly understand the market demand for a product by using the statistical information acquired, which helps them to adjust their strategy accordingly. It basically stores and organizes the input data before compiling the data set to provide appropriate output. SPSS is built in such a way that it can handle a wide range of variable data formats. It is available to users of all skill levels due to its ease of use, versatility, and scalability. Furthermore, it is suitable for projects of all sizes and stages of complexity, and it may assist you and your business in identifying new opportunities, improving efficiency, and reducing risk.

Stata for Data Analysis

Stata is a powerful statistical software that enables users to analyze, manage, and produce graphical visualizations of data. It is primarily used by researchers in the fields of economics, biomedicine, and political science to examine data patterns. Data visualization gives us a clear idea of what the information means by giving it visual context through maps or graphs. This makes the data more natural for the human mind to comprehend and therefore makes it easier for you to identify trends, patterns, and outliers within large data sets, allowing you to organize data in a way that’s both compelling and easy to digest. At times, data represented in text can be confusing, but when represented visually, you can easily deduce and extract meanings from it.

EPI Info for Data Analysis

EPI Info is a suite of public domain computer programs for public health professionals developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Abuja data school will teach you on how it is used for rapid questionnaire design, data entry and validation, data analysis including mapping and graphing, and creation of reports. It is used for outbreak investigations, for developing small to mid-sized disease surveillance systems, data visualization, and reporting components of larger systems, and in the continuing education in the science of epidemiology and public health analytic methods.

Microsoft Excel for Data Analysis

As data becomes the modern currency, the ability to analyze the data quickly and accurately has become of paramount importance. Excel It offers a wealth of tools for creating visualizations other than charts, you will be able to use a range of Excel tools and functions to clean and prepare data for analysis, automate data analysis with the help of ranges and tables, and use logical and lookup functions to transform, link and categorize data. You will learn how to use Power Query to automate the process of importing and preparing data for analysis. We will see how Power Pivot revolutionizes the actual analysis process by providing us with an analytical database inside the Excel workbook, capable of storing millions of rows, and a powerful modeling language called DAX which allows us to perform advanced analytics on our data.

KNIME for Data Analysis

Data preparation ,data cleaning, data preprocessing is most often the most tedious and time consuming work in the data science and data analysis area. Well, one option could be to use tools which allow us to speed up the process and sometimes reduce the amount of code we need to write. The data analysis training in Abuja Data School will enable us to know how KNIME allows us to do data preparation and data cleaning in a very appealing drag and drop interface. No coding experience is required yet, it still allows us if we want to use languages like R, Python or Java. So, we can code if we want but don’t have to. The flexibility of KNIME makes that happen. With KNIME, we can also do data science, some machine learning and AI with or without coding.

MATLAB for data analysis

The data analysis training in Abuja Data School will help learn about the key steps in a data science workflow and begin exploring a data set. You will be taught on how you import data into MATLAB, customize the import options, and generate code to automate the process. You will also work with different types of data, such as numeric, dates, and text. The data analysis training will be taking you through filtration of your data to select only what is needed for your analysis. You will be taught on how to create new tables and save them to use in the future or share with others outside of MATLAB. Calculating summary statistics on groups of data and determining if variables are correlated. You will also extend your ability to filter data to defining conditions across multiple variables. Also, modification of categorical data to remove, combine, or create new categories to use for defining groups.


Why you should study at Abuja Data School, the best digital school in Nigeria.

Abuja data school is an outstanding institution when we talk about data and its embodiments. Abuja Data School is equipped with professionals ready to break down for you any choice of your course. We shall take you through distinguished lessons ready to broaden up your knowledge a whole bit. All you need to know will be taken care of and your targets will be easily achieved by you.

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