Abuja Data School: Tackling unemployment with digital skills in data analysis

Data Analytics has received major attention because of the innovation and power to dispel assumptions and work with facts drawn from sales interaction with customers and studying the purchasing patterns in order to serve them properly.

To this end, Abuja Data School; an Academy that provides Data Analysis Training both physical and virtual sessions at their Abuja Office have recently graduated professionals in various Data Analysis skills such as IBM SPSS Modeler, Power BI, SQL, Tableau, SPSS, Stata, Python and R Programming.

Graduates of the Abuja Data School are trained on these Data Analysis tools with specific industry required skillsets, real life projects and opportunity to intern with any of the organization’s partner businesses in order to learn on-the-job the day-to-day development in Data Analytics.

The internship for successful graduates after undergoing a rigorous training through the duration of the programme are expected to develop a Data Analytics project to solve a real-life situation and graduate upon the successful deployment of this Data Analysis project.

Business intelligence when associated with Data Analysis helps to draw reasonable conclusions and recommendations from the data from which insights have been extracted.

Data Analysis is important to companies because they can now make decisions that are data driven, which also eliminates loss.

The semantics, data analysis, data analytics means the same thing and is only different in the level of experience in using difference tools in Data Analytics.

As the Abuja Data School is poised to be the leader in deploying data analytics training in Abuja, our corporate social responsibility arm organizes free bootcamp for the unemployed to enable gain skills that are relevant and help them secure jobs, become a freelance or start a business of their own.

The Founder of Abuja Data School, Emmanuel Otori, while presenting the certificates, encouraged the graduating professionals to apply themselves diligently in whatever organization them find themselves and seek to raise the bar in the field of data analysis in Nigeria.

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