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Media presentation requires one the ability to paint pictures in the mind of listeners as well as keep them entertained by the content delivered. The way things are said, the manner they are presented, the tone they flow with and the tenses used in presentation are essential as this can keep listeners attentive or bore them.

Radio and TV presentation is using the power of your voice to pass a message to your audience yet amused and informed though it all depends on what you say and how you say it. Learn to become a great Radio and TV presenter at Abuja Data School today.


Great pointers to becoming a Radio and TV presenter

1. Enjoy yourself talking: Oftentimes, it is the energy you carry that flows to your audience. A gloomy and frustrated speaker will pass such a vibe to the audience. Highly-tensed and angry tone can put off your audience as well give them an arrogant impression of the presenter.

As well, try not to be offensive in your speech or demeanor. At Abuja Data School, you are taught the most suitable tenses to use when presenting, the countenance to put up also.


2. Have a scholastic approach to the topic: Go beyond just a surface information on a subject matter to knowing a handful of information on it. This alone calls for biased conclusions on what is being addressed. Therefore, it is important to constantly conduct research. This radio and TV presentation training at Abuja Data School will teach you how to make these relevant searches regarding this subject because information is vast.

Your audience will lose faith in your ability as a presenter if you consistently make clear mistakes and provide incorrect information, whether intentionally or not. You sure don’t want that. It is your responsibility to enlighten and not promote disinformation.


Television presentation training in Abuja Nigeria
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3. Listen to other presenters: Give ears to other presenters, especially very good presenters. From there, you get to note your mistakes and also pick up enviable gestures to keep your audience close. Pay close attention to the sequence in their presentation, interaction method and evaluate yours. Be open to criticism. Get connected with like minds in this Radio and TV presentation training at Abuja Data School. Learn from others’ experiences in this field.


4. Peruse your script: Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse what you plan to say. Try not to make things out of your head while on-seat in order to avoid mistakes. You get the opportunity to practice your presentation before your facilitator and other learners at this training here in Abuja Data School for correction and guidance.


5. Discipline: As a presenter, it is necessary to obey rules as applies to co-ordination, time management and interaction with the audience. Abuja Data School is ready to teach you a practical and step by step approach to utilizing time, staying polite yet professional in your delivery to listeners.


6. Stay lively and professional: Obviously, no one would want to listen to someone who is boring. Having a distinctive voice and viewpoint that distinguishes you from the competition is key to being a great radio host. You should not be content with being just a radio host. Go Pro! Skill up and keep your audience entertained. Even the most uninteresting subjects may be made entertaining by the best radio hosts simply by their excitement and capacity to convey a fresh viewpoint. Put your passions on your sleeve, enjoy what you are doing, and your audience will follow suit.


Enrolling in this Radio and TV presentation in Nigeria is, after all, worthwhile and best done under the instruction of Abuja Data School. This training has numerous advantages, including the chance to network with others who share your interests and with seasoned presenters who consider it as a privilege to influence up-and-coming presenters.

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