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Do you practice finance, seek to switch careers to the finance sector or want to gain a foothold in financial modeling? The financial modeling training in Abuja Nigeria is available to guide through your decisions irrespective of learning level, be it beginners or advanced level.


The idea of financial modeling seeks to forecast/predict the future, what the company will look like in the future. It is using a spreadsheet to build the forecast of a company and understand how its future will look like-which is why the subject of excel cannot be overlooked. This helps in getting target prices which is what a company should be worth over time. Everything in modeling is a percent of revenue. It is expected you take into cognizance historical patterns as they help in giving realistic forecasts. Financial models can be built from scratch or source from already existing models like investors relations model,, Yahoo finance and many more.


The Items on a financial model are drawn by analysis from the financial statements of the company. Financial statements are written documents that describe a company’s operations and financial performance. The balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement are the three most significant financial statements to understand. These three financial statements reflect a company’s assets and liabilities, revenues and costs, and cash flows from operations, investments, and financing.

financial modeling course workshop Abuja Nigeria


A balance sheet is a statement of a business’s or other organization’s assets, liabilities, and capital at a specific point in time, describing the balance of income and spending during the previous period.

Assets are the things that a firm owns. The bank owns the bank’s liabilities, while the company’s equity is owned by others. It’s a snapshot of what a firm owns or owes at a given point in time.


An income statement shows how much money is coming into a business. It’s known as income or sales. Some refer to it as the top-line because revenue is at the top and net income is at the bottom. The money that goes out is also shown on the income statement.

Net income is calculated by subtracting revenue from expenses.


The income statement does not reveal the amount of real cash or the amount of cash that has increased in the company’s pocket. Income isn’t the same as money. A cash flow statement explains why cash on a balance sheet increased or decreased. Cash flow is determined by taking net income and adding non-cash items from the income statement and the balance sheet.


The financial modeling training in Abuja Nigeria with excel tools and functions incorporates hands-on method of learning. Studies from real-life cases, the sector’s standards and analytical techniques will be instruments of learning.


What to expect from the financial modeling training in Abuja:

  • Introduction to financial statements
  • Financial modeling using excel tools
  • Financial forecasting
  • Advanced excel functions
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Business valuation and Enterprise valuation
  • Using Discounted Cash Flow in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Using financial modeling to build a Discounted Cash Flow enterprise valuation
  • Price to Revenue Valuation
  • Price to Earning Valuation
  • Understanding Target Pricing
  • Analyzing the difference between Growth and Value
  • Verifying the feasibility of target prices using Total Addressable Market (TAM)


The financial modeling training in Abuja Nigeria by Abuja Data School is targeted also to benefit hedge fund managers, investment bankers, asset managers, business development analysts, finance and corporate professionals, and those interested in improving their financial and valuation modeling skills.

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