Adobe XD Course Content

Module 1

Creating New Files & Designing on a Grid
Creating a new file
Setting up artboards
Importing text
Creating colored backgrounds for text
Importing & Cropping Photos
Importing a photo as an image fill (crop a photo)
Rounding corners
Vector Graphics, Colors, Shadows, & More
Importing & modifying vector graphics
Aligning & distributing layers
Layer opacity vs. fill opacity
Reusing colors (color swatches)
Adding a drop shadow
Character Styles
Creating & Editing Character Styles

Module 2

Repeat Grids
Creating a Repeat Grid
Customizing the content
Adjusting the design
Components (Reusable Elements)
Creating & editing components
Overriding content in one instance vs. globally updating all components
Detaching from a component
Components versus Repeat Grids
Turning a Design into a Clickable Prototype
Linking between artboards
Previewing the prototype
Creating an overlay
Background blur
Fixing the position of elements so they don’t scroll
Making a recording of a prototype
Exporting Assets for Web: SVG, JPEG, & PNG
Exporting individual assets
Exporting artboards
Sharing XD Files (For Review, Developers, etc.)
Sharing an XD file
Commenting on shared files
Pinning a comment
Updating an existing shared file
Sharing for Development

Module 3

Stacks, Padding, & Responsive Resize
Creating a Stack & Adjusting the Spacing
Rearranging & Adding Items to a Stack
Responsive Resize, Stacks, & Padding
Keystrokes for Working with Stacks & Padding
Nesting Stacks (Stacks Within Stacks)
Linking Up/Down a Page & Scrollable Areas
Making Links that Scroll Up/Down a Page
Making the Navbar Fixed to the Screen
Adjusting the Position & Speed of the Scroll
Creating a Scrollable Area Within a Page
Intro to Auto-Animate
The Basics of Auto-Animate
Different Kinds of Easing
Adding a Timed Animation
Parallax Animation
Setting Up the Parallax Assets
Building the Parallax Animation
Component States (Hover & Toggle)
Adding a Hover State to a Button
Creating a Toggle State

Module 4
Creating 3D Transforms
Adding 3D Transforms
Front to Back versus Z Position
Adding Interactions to a Slideshow: Tap, Drag, & Keys
Creating a Working Slideshow Prototype
Adding Tap Interactions
Adding the Ability to Drag
Adding Keystrokes
Time Interactions & Adding Audio (Sound Effects)
Adding a Drag Interaction
Adding a Time Interaction
Adding a Sound Effect
Adding a Keystroke
Shared XD Libraries
Publishing a Library
Using an XD Library


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